A conversation with best-selling author, host, and educator Ashley C. Ford moderated by Jude Smith Rachele, Ph.D.

Howard Center will be connecting to the global world mental health movement and hosting its second annual community-wide recognition and celebration of World Mental Health Day (WMHD) throughout the month of October 2021.

Dr. Rachele will host a conversation with Ms. Ford about her best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, and her perspectives on current topics like, mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, LGBTQIA+, and race.

Ashley C. Ford’s New York Times best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, was published by Flatiron Books in June 2021. Ford is the former host of The Chronicles of Now podcast, co-host of The HBO companion podcast Lovecraft Country Radio. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, poet and fiction writer Kelly Stacy, and their chocolate lab Astro Renegade Ford-Stacy.