Intensive Family Based Services

Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS) helps families when a child under 18 is at risk of being removed from the home because of severe emotional and behavioral issues, serious social problems at school or within their family, or for safety reasons. The program also provides support when children return to their home following an out-of-home placement.

The intensive services focus on the unique needs of each family and help family members

  • Recognize and build on their strengths.
  • Identify and gain skills to make healthy changes for the whole family.
  • Address potential barriers to progress.
  • Become familiar with community resources.

Services are usually provided in the client’s home or in community settings where the family spends time or identifies need.
To learn more about Intensive Family Based Services, call 802-488-6635 or 802-488-6000.

A variety of services are offered, including

  • counseling
  • parent education
  • case management
  • trauma-informed practice
  • assessment and referral

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

The Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) program helps parents with children age 2-7 who are experiencing behavioral challenges. PCIT is an evidence-based treatment designed to improve the relationship between a caregiver and their child. Caregivers learn specific skills for relationship enhancement and improving their child’s ability to follow directions and practice those skills in play sessions with their child. During sessions, caregivers receive live coaching by the PCIT therapist. This “real-time” feedback gives caregivers immediate support to build their confidence and effectiveness using the skills with their child to create positive change in the relationship and behavior.

Enhanced Family Treatment

The Enhanced Family Treatment Program helps Chittenden County children and youth age 4-22 who are in custody of the Department for Children and Families (DCF) or under the supervision of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) who are in need of out of home care to address issues of safety or significant mental health care needs.

The program provides therapeutic foster care during times when their intensive needs require out-of-home therapeutic care. Whether re-unifying children and youth with their own or extended family or connecting them with other natural supports, our primary goal is to establish and/or support permanency (lifelong, stable connections) for every child in our care.

Learn more about our Enhanced Family Treatment and therapeutic foster care programs.

Family and Community Based Services

Our Family and Community Based Services provide individualized, child-centered and family-friendly support to help families with children from age 5-18 who have significant emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges.

Family and Community Based Services offer therapeutic supports which may vary in type and intensity, as they are based on each family’s specific needs. Services may include assessment, in-home family support, parent education related to child development and mental/behavioral health, living skills for specific skill development for children, crisis intervention, and advocacy to help the family access needed services and supports.

Clients are referred through various Howard Center programs, schools or community providers.  For more information, please call 802-488-6635 or 802-488-6000.