Partners for Access

What is Partners for Access? Partners for Access is a single point of contact resource for youth and families seeking outpatient mental health therapy in Chittenden County. Partners for Access can assist families in finding available providers, and can also be a resource for providers who may refer families seeking care to a reliable resource.


For Families

Given the current demand for outpatient mental health therapy, our hope is to alleviate the burden on families and providers with the creation of Partners for Access, a a free single point of contact resource for families seeking outpatient mental health services for children and parents in Chittenden County. A Community Access Specialist is available to link families seeking therapy to available providers in Chittenden County that fit with the families’ desired criteria. When an available match cannot be immediately found, the CAS will stay connected to follow-up about provider availability and other needed referrals.

The Community Access Specialist can be reached by calling (802) 488-7474 or by emailing You can expect to receive a response within 1 business day of your initial contact. Note: Here’s a resource with Telehealth Tips for Parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources for Families

FAQ for Families

What questions should I ask when selecting a therapist?

For Providers

The Partners for Access project is now accepting Provider profiles to be included in our database of therapists and counselors working with children and families in Chittenden County. To create your free provider profile, please complete this Provider Profile Form. Completion should take approximately five minutes.

Partners for Access is also a resource for providers in Chittenden County, who can share updates and availability on their services with the Community Access Specialist, and may also refer families seeking care to a reliable resource if and when they are not able to expand their caseload.

If you have questions, please visit our Provider FAQ’s  list, or you may may email or call a Community Access Specialist at (802) 488-7474.

About Partners for Access

Partners for Access is a community-wide public/private partnership made possible by a grant from the Jane’s Trust and by the involvement of a variety of key stakeholders who specialize in mental health services for children and families. While this program is being housed initially at the Howard Center, all community providers are encouraged to participate in order to best serve the mental health needs of the community. All services are offered free of charge to both participating providers and families.

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Partners for Access is designed to help parents and other adults who are seeking outpatient mental health therapy or counseling for their children to locate therapists in Chittenden County. Partners for Access does not give endorsements or recommendations concerning any particular therapist, and no express or implied endorsement or recommendation is intended. The information available through Partners for Access is self-reported by therapists. Partners for Access makes no express or implied representations or warranties whatsoever, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, regarding the information you may receive through Partners for Access or the advice you may receive from a listed therapist. In no case shall Howard Center be liable to you or anyone else who relies on information received from Partners for Access. Choosing a therapist who is best qualified to meet the needs of your child involves a number of considerations and is ultimately up to the family to decide the best fit.