2023 Redesignation Public Comment

Share Your Experience from May 3 through May 16. Publicly comment on howard center services.

DMH and DAIL are inviting input during a 14-day period of public comment to gather info to renew the agency’s designation to deliver developmental and mental-health services in Chittenden County.

Comments from clients, parents, family members & others about experiences with Howard Center’s services are welcomed.

For experiences with Developmental Services, contact:

Chris.ONeill@vermont.gov | (802) 793-4213

For experiences with other Howard Center Services, contact:

Puja.Senning@vermont.gov | 802-241-0413


Pursuant to 18 V.S.A. § 8907 and the Administrative Rules on Agency Designation, the Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) hereby notify the public of the Application for Redesignation of Howard Center (HC).

A 14-day period of public comment is provided for DMH and DAIL to gather information about Howard Center (HC) as part of the process to decide whether or not the State of Vermont will renew the agency’s designation to deliver developmental and mental-health services to adults, children, adolescents and families in Chittenden County. Comments from consumers, parents, family members and other concerned citizens about your experiences with services provided by HC are welcomed. Public comments will be accepted for the two-week period from Wednesday, May 03, 2023, until the close of business on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

DMH and DAIL are interested in knowing:

  1. What are the strengths and challenges of the agency?
  2. Does the agency work well with other agencies in the community?
  3. Do people get the mental health and developmental services that they need?
  4. Do people get mental health and developmental services when they need them?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for improvements?

For Mental Health, Child, Adolescent and Family Services, Community Rehabilitation and Treatment, Adult Outpatient, and Emergency Services, contact:

Mail: Department of Mental Health
280 State Drive, NOB 2 North
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-2010
Attn: Puja Senning
Phone: 802-241-0413
Fax: 802-241-0100
E-mail: Puja.Senning@vermont.gov

For Developmental Services comments, contact:

Mail: Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living
280 State Drive, HC 2 South
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-2030
Attn: Chris O’Neill
Phone: (802) 793-4213
Fax: (802) 241-0410
E-mail: Chris.ONeill@vermont.gov

Please send written comments or contact by phone no later than Tuesday, May 16, 2023.