World Mental Health Day: Video Archive

October 2021

October 7 | Supporting resilience in the face of unrelenting uncertainty.
Simha Ravven, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Howard Center 

Dr. Ravven talks about ways caretakers can care for themselves and support resilience in themselves and others in times of ongoing stress.

October 19 | Good beginnings for the youngest among us.
Liz Mitchell, LICSW, Early Childhood Program Director, Howard Center.

How do we as parents and caregivers support the early childhood years?

October 28 | Compassion fatigue for the whole community. Beth Goss, LCMHC, Director of Client Care and Coordination, Howard Center. 

Beth discusses signs of burnout and other risk factors and help us to identify practical ways to protect and nurture our strengths, better manage our stressors, and find balance in our lives. Click on image below to play full webinar.

October 2020

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