Howard Center Staff Access & IT Support

Employee Access and Support

VMware View (VMV)

Watch the YouTube video link under Quick Access Links for more information

VMV access link – unless you have the VMV client installed on your computer.

On a Private computer (i.e. Home PC) – use the left icon to install the VMV Client (needed for printing and USB support).
Use server name
On a Public computer (i.e. Library) – use the right icon to access VMV via HTML (BLAST)
On a Mobile device (i.e. iPad) – Search for VMware Horizon View in your devices app store. Download/Install and use server name

Quick Access Links
Introduction to VMware View –
Includes an introduction to; Virtual Desktop, Windows 7, Office 2010 and Log on to Learn

Outlook Webmail:
This site provides basic Outlook functions such as; Inbox, calendar and contacts (no personal folders).

Knowledge Wave Learn:
Online trainings for Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and many other popular software packages. (replaces Log on to Learn)

Helpful Tips and Instructions

How to setup Email and VMware View on your Apple IOS device (iPhone/iPad)
Note: you can use the information for setting up Non IOS devices

Free Virus Protection Software – Check with your Internet Service Provider (i.e. Comcast, FairPoint, Charter, etc.) as they provide Free software that you can install on your personal devices.

Home Computers & Personal Devices

Please recognize that Howard Center IT Department does not have the staff available to provide direct support for employee’s home computers and personal devices. Please use the documents in the “How To Instructions” section to help setup your personally owned device and if you do encounter problems, email the HelpDesk with a detailed explanation of the problem, including any error messages. Also, be sure to explain what steps you have already taken to resolve the problem on your own. We will do what we can to provide assistance. Kindly note that our expertise is limited to Windows computers and Apple iPhone/iPad devices – the same equipment at work. If you experience problems on other devices (i.e. Mac, Android, etc.) contact the store where you purchased your device or ask a technically savvy friend for help. Again, we will provide assistance if possible however we do have limitations. Thank you.

How to contact the IT HelpDesk

HC Support Website: http://support/user
(Only available when connected via VMV)
Phone: 802-488-6999 or extension 6999