Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Our standing committees provide valuable feedback about agency services and initiatives, invite guest speakers for education across varied subject matter, and provide an opportunity for engagement with others who may receive agency services or their family members. Committee membership includes people receiving services, family members, community members, board members, and agency staff.

Standing Committee: Community Advocacy Network

Nancy Colby, Co-Chair
David Turner, Co-Chair

Heather Blackman
Diane Bugbee
Kelly Deforge
Jodi Girouard
Jody Lane
Scott MacKenzie
Lori Rouelle
Sarah Smith
Connie Stabler

For more information about the Community Advocacy Network contact: Elaine Soto at;

Standing Committee: Family Advisory Council

Kelly Deforge, Chair

Ernestine Abel
Nancy Ahern
Melissa Akey
Andy Anderson
Katie Ballard
Anne Boissy
Kele Bourdeau
Yves Bradley
Diane Bugbee
Susan Carol
Heather Champagne
Meg Cline
Amanda Crandall
Sarah Cross
Alli DeCausemacker
Cathleen Francis
Celeste Gouala
Shelli Guay
Christina Katusich
Kathleen Kourebanas
Peggy Langlais
Timothy Lizotte
Kristi Melville
Lana Metayer
Liz Mitchell
Aline Mukiza
Bill Nourse
Anne Paradiso
Donna Roberts
Nancy Roberts
Jennifer Roth
Deanna Ryerson
Monique Schraml
Stephanie Smith
Suzanne Smith
Pallas Ziporyn Snider
Jessica Spitzer”
K. Lee Thom

For more information about the Family Advisory Council contact: Lucy Mallon at

Standing Committee: Developmental Services

Delaina Norton: Director, Long Term Supports and Services
Tonya Mason: Director, Developmental Services
Meredith Clough: Administrative Site Manager

Nicole Villemaire (Chair)
Joe Greenwald (Co-Chair)

Zoe “Biscuit” Alemar
Daniel Calder
Kathy Connolly
Tony Dubuque
Jennifer LaGro
Valerie Richardson
Gail Stevenson

For more information about the Developmental Services Standing Committee contact: Delaina Norton at

Standing Committee: Substance Use Advisory Committee

Dan Hall, Co-chair
Heidi Melbostad, Co-chair

Diane Bugbee
Michael Couture
Justine Dee
Julie Hathaway
Tess Hickey
Pam Mackenzie
Maura O’Neill
Meg O’Donnell
Dana Poverman
Ann Pugh
Julie Richards, Ph.D.

For more information about the Substance Use Advisory Committee contact: Dan Hall at