Flexible Family Funding

What is Flexible Funding?

The Flexible Family Funding (FFF) program recognizes that families are often able to provide the best care for a child or adult with a disability. However, sometimes families need additional support to care for a loved one at home. Through FFF, individuals with a developmental disability and their families receive limited funding to make it easier for families to support loved ones with developmental disabilities at home.

How can FFF help me?

The Flexible Family Funding (FFF) Program provides limited funding to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The goal is to help families to be able to live together. The individual and the family can decide how the money will be used. Usually, families use the funds for goods or services that are not covered by Medicaid or private insurance.
Examples of acceptable uses of FFF include

  • Family respite.
  • Assistive technology.
  • Home modifications.
  • Individual and household needs (e.g., clothing, heating oil, rent, etc.).
  • Recreational services.

How do I apply?

To receive FFF, individuals must be eligible for Developmental Disabilities Services. If you think you or a family member is eligible, our Howard Center staff can help you with the application process. For more information, call 802-488-6549 or 802-488-6000.