Howard Center Culture and Organization

Headshot of Howard Center CEO Bob Bick, quoted as: “We value the many contributions of our staff, and we recognize that every person, every job, contributes to the well-being of the children, adults, and families we serve. I hope you will consider joining one of our many teams to make a difference in the lives of so many of our neighbors and community members.”


Our Mission

We help people and communities thrive by providing supports and services to address mental health, substance use, and developmental needs.


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As the designated agency for Chittenden County, we are steadfast in our practice and pursuit of excellence. We believe in giving people every opportunity to be their best. For our clients, that means keeping them at the heart of our decision making and offering person-centered services that meet their specific needs. To achieve this, we often forge partnerships with local and state organizations to provide community-based care that allows the people we serve to maintain their connections to their homes, families, friends, and already established support networks. We also recognize the financial responsibility that comes with our designated agency status, and we are committed to being responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


Training for Excellence

Just as the people we serve may need help, we know that our staff may also need help at times. That means providing them with the training, support, and resources they need to effectively help our neighbors and community members. Many positions operate as part of a team, and team members are available to mentor and offer guidance based on their own experiences and expertise. This is especially true during the onboarding and initial training periods. But it doesn’t stop there. We offer on-going support and in-service training to all staff to ensure they have the tools they need to provide excellent support to our clients.

Many of our employees are widely recognized as leaders in their field, and several of our programs serve as models for programs elsewhere. Our staff are frequently asked to share their expertise at national and international conferences and through professional publications.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When we say, “Help is here,” we mean it. We know that a community is only as strong as each of its members, and we are committed to becoming a model culture and community leader around issues of diversity, inclusion, and corporate values and responsibility. We strive to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for our staff, the people we serve, our partners, and the community.

It’s important that clients recognize themselves in our staff, and we encourage People of Color, New Americans, non-binary individuals, and people with disabilities to consider joining us. At Howard Center, you have a place to be your full self.

If you have questions about how you will be supported as a member of the Howard Center community, please contact




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