Project SEARCH staff

Vocational & Employment

Having a job you like that recognizes your talents and skills is a key step to becoming independent. Our trained staff will guide and support you throughout your job search, from identifying your career goals to providing tips for a successful interview.

Project HIRE

Project HIRE provides career development and employment support and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities.

The program helps adults find meaningful, competitively-paid employment. The specific supports and services offered are individualized for each person, based on their interests and employment goals. Typically, these include employment skill and interest assessments, work experiences, internships, job search and development, on-the-job training assistance, and on-going support to job seekers and their employers.

Individuals may refer themselves, or they may be referred by other providers, educators, or family members.

For more information about Project Hire, call 802-488-6555 or 802-488-6000.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH helps high school age adults with developmental disabilities gain and maintain meaningful employment.

As part of the nationwide Project SEARCH initiative, Howard Center collaborates with the University of Vermont Medical Center to provide internships for young adults transitioning from high school to employment. All activities take place entirely at the worksite and include classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands-on training through workplace internships. The goal of the program is for students to graduate with transferable and marketable skills and a job offer for competitively paid employment.

For more information about Project SEARCH, call 802-488-6555 or 802-488-6000.