Communication Support

Howard Center Developmental Services supports children and adults with diverse needs and challenges in the area of communication. Being able to communicate effectively helps clients to pursue their goals, continue their education, gain meaningful employment, develop healthy relationships, live independently, and be active members of their community. We believe that all people can develop their communication skills with the right supports and training.

We provide assistance with augmentative communication (AAC) for people with limited speaking abilities, American Sign Language (ASL), English language instruction for New Americans, and literacy to help people develop their reading and writing skills for communication. We are strongly committed to the use of technologies that will help people use their preferred method of communication.

For more information about our communication services, call our Developmental Services Offices at 802-488-6500 or 802-488-6000. Current Howard Center clients can let their parent, guardian, or Howard Center clinician know that they want to explore communication support options.