Our clinicians can help you find a counseling situation that is based on your specific needs, interests, and goals. We offer individual and group therapy options for individuals with an intellectual disability or who are on the autism spectrum. The groups provide support as you learn and “test” your newly acquired skills. Some groups require an interview before new members may join.

Based on your interests and goals, our staff may refer you to a specific group. To learn more about our groups, call 802-488-6500 or browse the groups below.

Specialized Therapy Groups

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) group is for adults and young adults who want to make positive changes in their life. The group helps clients gain skills in personal awareness and interpersonal relations, including learning how to:

    • recognize and control personal emotions
    • resolve interpersonal conflicts
    • tolerate distressing situations.

    The group meets weekly and gives participants the opportunity to practice their skills. Five groups are offered: two client skills groups, two coach support groups, and one client graduate group. Participants also attend individual therapy and receive phone support when needed to apply the skills to real life experiences.

  • Social Thinking Group
    Attendees are typically ages 24-30. The group meets weekly from May to September and helps individuals with social learning challenges gain skills that help them to better understand social situations and to consider appropriate actions for the situation. There is an application and interview process.
  • Men’s Group
    The Men’s Group meets every other week throughout the year. The men who attend are typically between the ages of 21- 35. Participants gain skills to help them form positive personal relationships, seek employment opportunities, and feel a sense of belonging to their community. There is an application and interview process.
  • Facilitated Communication with Friends (All Devices Welcome)
    Led by a Howard Center Communication Specialist, this group meets monthly and welcomes all ages. The focus is on the use of facilitated communication that uses devices such as laptop computers to help participants communicate.
  • Relationship Group
    The focus of this group is how to create healthy relationships. A variety of relationship topics are discussed, including consent, how to make friends, personal hygiene, and sexually transmitted diseases. Topics are presented through a mix of media, lectures, and interactive learning. This group meets January through May. There is an interview process.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, Women
    This weekly group is for females ages 18-35. Participants work on improving their interpersonal skills so they are able to form positive personal relationships, seek employment opportunities, and make connections to community resources. There is an application and interview process.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, Men
    This weekly group is for males ages 18-35. Participants work on improving their interpersonal skills so they are able to form positive personal relationships, seek employment opportunities, and make connections to community resources. There is an application and interview process.
  • Pride Group
    This group meets weekly and participants usually range in age from 18-30. This group is for anyone who is questioning their gender identity or is an ally of someone who is transitioning. This group offers peer support and helps build social skills. Some of the goals of the group are to:

    • Increase self-esteem.
    • Manage stress and anxiety.
    • Increase friendships.
    • Increase emotional awareness and intelligence.
    • Build a circle of support.
  • American Sign Language
    The American Sign Language (ASL) classes are for hearing impaired individuals who want to improve their functioning communication. Individuals and their support people will learn ASL skills to help them communicate effectively in their community and at home. Participants spend one hour in the classroom learning new skills before they go into the community for another hour to use the skills they just learned. The curriculum includes building community connections, developing friendships, and becoming self-advocates. The class meets three times per week for two hours each session.
  • SUCCEED/Project Hire Employment Group

    Employment advisors from the Project Hire team facilitate this career exploration group for individuals in the SUCCEED program. Students meet weekly to explore career interests and learn employment-related skills, with a focus on working collaboratively toward common goals through creative, interactive activities with the goal of finding meaningful, competitively-paid employment.
  • Women’s Empowerment Group
    Women’s Empowerment group meets one hour per week for 35 weeks beginning in September and ending in April. This group is a peer support and skills building environment.
    It covers a variety of topics, such as:

    • Body Messages and Body Talk.
    • Body Expression and Communication.
    • Choosing our Meals.
    • Coping through Hard Times.
    • Healthy Relationships and Technology.
    • Communication in Relationships.
    • Family and Balancing Responsibilities.
    • Goal Setting and Go-Getting.

    During the group, participants are able to practice new coping skills, acquire new information, and reflect on their experiences.

  • English Language Learning
    We offer support for clients who want to learn English for employment purposes.