Family Advisory Council

The next meeting of the Family Advisory Council is September 22 from 4:30-6:00 pm.

What is the Family Advisory Council?

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a group that meets regularly to provide input into programs and services for children and families. It is comprised of family members whose children are receiving services, or have previously. Family members lead the meetings and Howard Center staff also participate.

The FAC is a forum for families to share needs and give feedback about children’s programming, to connect with other families, and to have direct link for communication with the agency and Howard Center’s Board of Trustees. The FAC also serves as the Board’s Local Standing Committee, as required by regulations of the Department of Mental Health.

What does the FAC do?

The FAC provides a link between families and Howard Center. The group advocates for accessible and responsive family-friendly programs and services. Throughout the year, the group:

• receives timely updates about programs and services for children and families
• shares views and feedback about child and family programs, services, planning, and evaluation
• offers advice and advocates on matters of public policy that affect families and clients
• educates members of the Howard Center Board and community at large about children’s and families’ needs
• participates on hiring committees for key Howard Center staff when possible
• reviews outcome reports for Howard Center programs
• makes connections with other families and provides support and resources

Be part of a group that makes a difference!

• The FAC welcomes new members and values your participation and input. Visit a meeting and try us out. Remember, you are not alone. |
• Would you like more information? Contact Sarah Bolton, Operations Coordinator, at or 802-488-6706.