Howard Center Achieves Recertification as Chittenden County’s Designated Agency for Mental Health Services

BURLINGTON, VT — “Howard Center is so very pleased to report that we have been informed by the Vermont Department of Health (DMH) that we have once again been recertified at Chittenden County’s Designated Agency for mental health” said Kelly Deforge, the agency’s Board of Trustees President.

This recognition reaffirms Howard Center’s commitment to providing mental health services in Chittenden County, including Community Rehabilitation and Treatment; Adult Outpatient services, and Emergency Services; and for Children, Youth, and Family Services.

As one of 16 designated and specialized service agencies that form Vermont’s System of Care, Howard Center continues to be the designated agency for Chittenden County. These agencies are integral in ensuring the availability of necessary services through program delivery, local planning, service coordination, and outcome monitoring within their regions.

Bob Bick, Chief Executive Officer of Howard Center, expressed his gratitude, stating, “Serving our community with a wide range of services is not just our duty, but our privilege. We are honored to receive this redesignation, which recognizes the vital role Howard Center plays in the wellbeing of our community.”

The comprehensive re-certification review process occurs every 4 years and included interviews with consumers, family members, board and staff members, standing committee members, and community partners.

“DMH commends Howard Center’s leadership and staff for the excellent work they are doing and expresses sincere appreciation to the agency for its demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of Vermonters with mental health needs in Chittenden County,” said Emily Hawes, DMH Commissioner Emily Hawes in the official Agency Designation Decision.

The review also encompassed an evaluation of the agency’s service delivery, policies and procedures, strategic plan, quality improvement and outcomes, human resource management, data and information security protocols, and fiscal management.

“DMH would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge [Howard Center’s] Board of Trustees along with clients and families and to thank them for their participation in the designation process. Congratulations on your redesignation,” Hawes said.

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