Howard Center Welcomes Japanese Hospital Administrators

Recently, several Howard Center programs had the opportunity to meet with administration officials from a non-profit hospital in Shimane, Japan.

Their visit to Vermont was to learn more about our state’s mental health system of care, and how the Department of Mental Health and community mental health centers have maintained a focus on IPS (Individual Placement and Support) employment services.

The meetings with Howard Center, were held to exchange ideas around engaging our respective local communities, community events, structure and outcomes of various programs, and activities that educate our audience about mental health.

Howard Center’s Director of Development and Communications, Denise Vignoe says, “We’d like to thank the Vermont Department of Mental Health for coordinating the meeting with international visitors. Howard Center, always welcomes the opportunity to educate, collaborate and share best practices.”

The group visited a variety of Howard Center’s programs including My Pad and My Pad 2, ASSIST, the START program, Development and Communications, and the Community Outreach team. For more information, please visit or contact Adam Brooks at