Safety Connection

Helping Vermonters Live Independently Since 2006

What is Safety Connection?

Safety Connection promotes health and wellness by combining innovative technology and professional staff to deliver overnight, in-person supports when needed.

“Safety Connection is good for me because I find there is someone I can talk to at night if I need them. They are always ready to help me.”
-Safety Connection Client


How We Help

• Promote health and wellbeing through personalized check-ins, reminders, and environmental monitoring.
• Combat loneliness and isolation through Community of Care outreach.
• Support community living and aging in place by providing individualized supports that adapt to changing needs.
• Decrease the use of emergency services by providing prevention-focused care delivered by trusted professionals.

What We Offer

  • In-person response
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Nightly check-in
  • Community of Care outreach
  • Person-centered planning



What Makes Us Different?

Dignity Safety Connection believes that people should have choices about their living situation. Our goal is to provide supports that promote independence and self-determination.
Independence Safety Connection believes in creating opportunities for independence. Our supports empower people to remain in their homes by providing peace of mind and fostering community connections.
Community inclusion Safety Connection believes that trusted relationships and community ties foster belonging and inclusion. Our Community of Care is there when you need it.

• Professional monitoring since 2006
• Clinically trained operators and responders
• Affiliated with Howard Center, a pioneer in person-centered, community based care

• Increased satisfaction with living situation
• Housing stability and delay of out-of-home care
• Decreased use of emergency medical care through prevention-focused services

State-of-the-Art Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS)

  • PERS technology
  • Fall detection
  • Personal help button
  • Hands-free, two-way voice
  • Environmental monitoring

When to Consider Safety Connection

• You or a family member wish to age in place and need the security of knowing that support is there when it is most needed.
• You or a family member is concerned about health and well-being.
• You or a family member feel isolated and lonely and would benefit from a regular check-in.
• You or a family member are interested in supports that may prevent or delay nursing home placement.

Still Have a Question? Contact us:

Kevin Hutt, Senior Manager
208 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, VT U.S.A.
Office: 802-488-6578
Cell: 802-373-4705