Opiate Use & Medication Assisted Treatment

Our recovery programs serve individuals of all ages who want to become drug or alcohol free. Our compassionate and experienced staff are committed to supporting you throughout your recovery process. In addition, we will make sure you have additional support throughout your recovery, including counseling, free HIV and hepatitis testing, and referrals to other programs for help with housing, employment, transportation, and medical needs.

We can help you locate the medication-assisted treatment services that are right for you. If you are willing to download and sign the release of information form, we will be better able to connect you with the appropriate level of care.

If you are new to Howard Center and are looking for services, please call our Access and Intake number at 802-488-6000.

What is the Hub & Spoke Model?

You may have heard about the hub and spoke model to treat opiate use, but you aren’t sure what it is.

Hubs are certified sites, such as the Chittenden Clinic, that prescribe and dispense methadone. Physicians and nurses monitor the dose amounts to ensure that the dosage level is appropriate for each individual.

Spokes refer to office based opioid treatment programs where approved physicians may prescribe buprenorphine for opiate use.

Hub: Chittenden Clinic and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The Chittenden Clinic is a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program that provides outpatient treatment and pharmacotherapy (methadone, buprenorphine, and naltraxone) for individuals who have Opioid Use Disorder. The Chittenden Clinic provides extensive medical, therapeutic, and case management services. The Clinic also provides medically supervised withdrawal (MSW).

The clinic offers on-site medical services, urine collection, individual and group counseling, psychiatric services, case management, and coordination with other medical and therapeutic providers. Discharge services to support transition to community physician prescribers for clients receiving buprenorphine are also provided.

Although most clients are self-referred, Howard Center’s Safe Recovery program assists in the referral process. Additionally, clients may be referred by community physicians or other community providers.

For more information about the Chittenden Clinic, call 802-488-6450.

Spoke: 855 Pine Street

Howard Center’s outpatient offices at 855 Pine Street house the Pine Street Spoke where individuals receiving medication assisted treatment meet with physicians and receive prescriptions for buprenorphine for opiate use, as well as have the opportunity to engage in individual or group psychotherapy.

Spoke Program in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

Howard Center’s Northern Vermont Outpatient and Spoke Services includes a Spoke-level opioid treatment program. The Spoke provides individuals access to medication assisted treatment as well as have the opportunity to engage in individual or group counseling. For more information, please call 802-488-6265.

Support Throughout Your Recovery

For many people, the recovery process includes periods of use and non-use. We will help you connect to other programs, such as Safe Recovery, that can support you throughout your recovery process. Safe Recovery is a safe place for people to come to for support, even if they are currently using. Helping someone stay safe today, whether or not they are using today, is an important part of supporting their recovery.

Unlike many other Howard Center programs, individuals do not need to be Howard Center clients or have an appointment to receive services.

For more information about Howard Center programs for opiate use treatment, call 802-488-6450.