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Baird School

About Us

We provide special education and therapeutic intervention and treatment to children ages 5-14 and grades K-8 with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Therapeutic Components

Because our classes are small, with only 8-10 students in each classroom, we are able to focus on the specific needs of our students who may have a learning impairment, a speech/language impairment, an emotional disability, or have been been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

A teacher and behavior interventionist lead each class, and additional support is provided by a school clinician and special educator.

The goal is to help students develop skills and strategies that will allow them to be successful in school, at home, and in their community. Our clinicians also support students as they prepare to return to public school.

Academic Information

Our core classes help students develop and enhance their academic skills.

Our Readers and Writers Workshop encourages students in all classrooms to read for approximately 90 minutes per day. When needed, special educators and  literacy specialists provide additional individualized reading instruction.

Our mathematics curriculum is based on the Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) and uses group interaction and technology to motivate students and encourage academic success.

Science and Social Studies are taught through thematic studies which address the core competencies.

In addition to the core academic programming, we offer

  • Intentional movement/Physical Education.
  • Art and Music activities that are integrated into the curriculum.
  • Adventure-based learning.
  • Community-based learning opportunities.

The School’s integrated curriculum is designed to encourage student success and reduce behavior problems, and the PAX Good Behavior Game is one approach used to encourage positive classroom behavior. PAX is a research based, classroom management model that involves student teams that compete against each other to refrain from engaging in negative classroom behaviors.

Meet the Staff

Our Baird School staff include:

  • Program Director.
  • Clinical Director.
  • Assistant Director.
  • Special Education Director.
  • Clinical Coordinator.
  • Clinical Behavior Specialist Supervisor.
  • Education Director.

Admission Information

Students are referred by their Local Education Agency, the Department of Mental Health, or the Department for Children and Families.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us at:
Kristie Reed, Baird School Director