(IDRP) Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program

Howard Center
Burlington Vermont
IDRP (Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Programs)

Two-Step Enrollment for Monthly and Weekend Options

Step One: Initial Enrollment/Intake

Participants must provide enrollment information and a signed release of confidential information form.  The preferred method to send this information is via email at IDRP@howardcenter.org.  Howard Center can also receive this information via fax at 802-488-6101 or mailed to or dropped off at 855 Pine St. Burlington, VT 05401.

Required Enrollment Information:

*Full Legal Name, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Telephone Number & Email Address

Release of Confidential Information Form:

*Found on the Vermont Health Department Website: healthvermont.gov

Step Two: IDRP Evaluation/Enrollment Completion

Once you submit your enrollment paperwork the IDRP office will contact you to schedule Step Two.  Participants must schedule Step Two within 90 days of completing the initial enrollment paperwork.

Step Two begins with an evaluation appointment.  A payment of $180 in the form of a money order or credit/debit card payment is required by the time of the scheduled assessment appointment.

Following the evaluation appointment, participants will be able to enroll in the school program.  A payment of $220 is required to secure enrollment in the school program.  This payment may be made in the form of a money order or credit/debit card payment.  Payments may be made at the time of your assessment, or made over the phone via credit/debit card at 488-6151 at a later date.  You will not be enrolled in the school program until the $220 payment has been received.

You will receive additional information regarding the school program and other program requirements during the evaluation appointment.

If you have a life suspension and are seeing reinstatement of driving privileges through the Total Abstinence process, specific details will be discussed during the Evaluation.

If you have additional questions about enrollment into the IDRP please e-mail IDRP@howardcenter.org or call 802-488-6151.