Howard Center Staff Recognized for Their Years of Service

Burlington, VT – Howard Center recently honored its employees for their service. Each year, the organization marks anniversaries for employees reaching five or more years of service. This year, 130 employees reached their respective anniversaries, joining over 600 of their colleagues who have been with the organization for at least five years.

Bob Bick, Howard Center CEO says, “Our incredible team at Howard Center continues to exemplify unwavering dedication as they carry out our organization’s mission and support our Vermont neighbors. I am proud to recognize their efforts and congratulate them for their pivotal role in weaving the threads of our community together. Their commitment provides crucial help and support to the children, adults, and families we serve each day. I extend my sincere gratitude to every staff member for their ongoing work in shaping a brighter future for our community.”

Those honored for 25 years include Deborah DeLadurantaye, Lenora Meyers-Nelson, Anne Paradiso, and Prudence Trombly.

Chris Gillespie, Beth Holden, Shelly McGinnis, Cindy Phenix, and Darlene Sherman were recognized for 30 years of service. Linda Quinn and Elaine Soto were honored for 35 years. Two Howard Center employees, Peter Burns and Karen Hussey, celebrated 40 years of service to the organization.