Howard Center Welcomes New Member to the Board of Trustees

BURLINGTON, VT  – Howard Center is pleased to announce the addition of Heather Blackman to its Board of Trustees. As the Network Manager of Managed Care Contracting with the UVM Health Network, Heather brings a history of experience and expertise in the healthcare field to support the organization’s mission.

With a background working with various industry constituents, including insurance companies, patients, and clinicians, Heather has developed a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges within the healthcare landscape. Her extensive knowledge in business marketing, sales, training, leadership, and service will be invaluable as Howard Center continues to expand its reach and impact.

Heather’s commitment to teamwork and open communication aligns seamlessly with Howard Center values. She firmly believes that trust is the foundation for any successful working relationship, and she brings this philosophy to her new role on the Board of Trustees. Her passion for improving the lives of individuals and families facing mental health challenges will greatly contribute to the ongoing success of the organization.

Born and raised in Vermont with experiences in various states, including New Mexico, Montana, and Tennessee, Heather has unique and broad perspective on different communities and their unique needs. She understands the importance of tailoring services to meet the diverse requirements of individuals seeking support.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Heather finds solace, healing, and growth when immersed in nature. Whether it is exploring Vermont’s picturesque landscapes or delving into topics like astrology and personal development, she continuously seeks avenues for personal growth and well-being. Heather also prioritizes spending quality time with her husband, four children, and their chocolate lab. Her dedication to family and personal interests reflects her balanced approach to life, which will undoubtedly inspire and motivate others in the Howard Center community.

Heather’s passion for healthcare, dedication to fostering strong relationships, and commitment to improving the lives of those affected by mental health challenges make her a welcome addition to the Board. The agency is confident that Heather’s insights and expertise will contribute significantly to achieving the Howard Center’s vision of a healthy and thriving community.