Vermont Health Information Exchange Updates

The Health Information Exchange is used by many providers in Vermont today. But they can only see your records if you’ve signed up. Starting March 1, 2020, you don’t have to sign up for doctors to see your records. It will be automatic. But if you don’t want your information shared, you have options such as declining participation or obtaining more information.  Please visit Vermont Health Information Exchange for more info.

The Vermont Health Information Exchange keeps your health records in one secure place. When you see a doctor or healthcare provider who participates, an electronic record may be sent to the Health Information Exchange. This record is ready for the next doctor you see so they know your health history. This doctor adds to your record so it’s ready for the next doctor, and so on. When providers use the Health Information Exchange, one record is shared across the state. This means you won’t have to answer the same questions everywhere. Or remember when things happened.  Or know exactly what kind of medication you’ve taken. And if you ever can’t give your information, like in an emergency, the doctor may still get critical information to help you.