Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

NEW! Parent Child Interaction Therapy-Toddler (PCIT-T) is an evidence-based program using the same core principles as standard PCIT, but adapted for the unique developmental needs of toddlers ages 12 to 30 months. Using live coaching, caregivers learn therapeutic parenting skills proven to decrease problematic behaviors, improve the parent-child relationship, increase children’s language, and encourage toddlers to follow directions. Treatment has been successful for a variety of concerns such as tantrums, separation anxiety, language issues and caregiver stress.

If your child is between 12-30 months and experiences any common challenges such as tantrums, anger, aggression, fussiness, separation anxiety, attachment problems, or developmental concerns, please reach out to Annalee Pratt at or 802-343-6794 to find out the next steps for PCIT-Toddler.

The Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) program helps parents with children ages 2.5 to six years old who are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Caregivers learn specific skills for relationship enhancement and improving their child’s ability to follow directions and practice those skills in play sessions with their child. During sessions, caregivers receive live coaching by the PCIT therapist. This “real-time” feedback gives caregivers immediate support to build their confidence and effectiveness using the skills with their child to create positive change in the relationship and behavior.

For more information about our Parent Child Interaction Therapy program, call our Early Childhood Program at 802-488-6620 or 802-488-6000.