VT MOMS PartnershipSM

The Vermont Mental Health Outreach for Mothers (VT MOMS) PartnershipSM is a program offered to mothers connected with Reach Up and other services in Chittenden County. Reach Up is working with Howard Center (with the support from Yale University) to provide VT MOMS with an eight week Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management Course to support mothers with life stress. VT MOMS meets mothers where they are, providing services in the community, and during COVID-19 providing groups via telehealth.


  • Groups are held virtually via ZOOM
  • Our next class starts via Zoom on Friday, October 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and will be held weekly. A new set of classes occurs every 12 weeks. 
  • Participants will receive grocery store gift cards for attending groups and completing surveys
  • Eight week Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management course, 90 minute classes
  • The course is limited to specific eligibility, please visit the DCF website for details and to register.
  • Referrals are rolling admissions
  • Email us at vtmoms@howardcenter.org for more information!

The VT MOMS Stress Management Course:

Are you a mother or caregiver who is carrying a lot on your back?

Could you use a break in your day to focus on you?

Then the VT MOMS Stress Management course could be right for you. In classes run by a Community Mental Health Ambassador and a MOMS clinician, you will get support and learn together about topics like:

  • Steps for problem solving
  • Communication styles
  • Balancing stress and fun
  • Relaxation tips

Things you can get out of VT MOMS:

  • Skills to help manage stress
  • Grocery store gift cards for attending class and completing surveys
  • Connection to additional resources