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ACT 1, the Public Inebriate Program in Chittenden County, provides a safe and supervised environment for individuals who are incapacitated due to alcohol or other drugs until they can regain sobriety, usually overnight. For more information, call 802.488.6425.

Adolescent Group Living

Adolescent Group Living arrangements may range from highly supportive environments to more independent living arrangements for adolescents with development disabilities.

ARCh (Accessing Resources for Children)

ARCh provides a variety of supports to children, adolescents, and families who experience challenges related to developmental and/or emotional/behavioral disabilities. ARCh is a collaboration between Developmental Services and Child, Youth, and Family Services.

ARCh serves individuals up to age 22.


ASSIST is a six-bed crisis stabilization and hospital diversion program for any Chittenden County resident who is experiencing a psychiatric crisis. We provide crisis respite to help people with psychiatric disabilities remain in the community and divert admissions to inpatient care. We also assist clients who are leaving an inpatient setting to transition back to the community.

Autism Spectrum Program (ASP)

Autism Spectrum Program (ASP) provides intensive, specialized instructional and behavioral treatment and support services year-round to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ages 2-21 years. Services are provided in home, school, and community settings and target the teaching and shaping of essential communication, social, adaptive behavior, daily living, and functional learning skills. ASP also provides consultation and training services regarding Autism and interventions.

Baird School

The Baird School at 1138 Pine Street, Burlington, offers an alternative educational environment for children ages 6-14 years, grades 1-8. Services include intensive special education, therapeutic behavioral intervention and treatment, psychiatric/psychological consultation, pro-social skills training, and family work.

View the 2014-2015 Baird School Calendar.

View the 2015-2016 Baird School Calendar.

Please call Intake at 802.488.6839 for more information.

Bridge Detox Stabilization

Bridge provides short-term stabilization within a social detoxification unit, with intensive clinical assessment and treatment for clients who are experiencing withdrawl related to substance abuse and/or dependence. The program operates 24 hours a day/7 days a week and provides continuous support, including awake overnight staff.

Burlington Street Outreach

Established in 2000 as a result of concerns expressed by downtown Burlington merchants, the Burlington Police Deparment, and area service providers, the Street Outreach Team works with individuals in the downtown Burlington Business District.

Career Connections

Career Connections is a vocational program for adults (ages 18 years and older) in Chittenden County who have been diagnosed with a major mental illness and have a desire to pursue employment. Individuals may have a co-existing substance abuse diagnosis and/or legal issues. Admission into the employment program is based solely on being enrolled in the Community Support Program and having the desire to work. For eligibility information, call 802.488.6208.

Centerpoint School

Centerpoint School serves students, ages 12-18 years, grades 7-12, challenged with emotional, behavioral, mental health, or special learning needs. The Centerpoint School provides an alternative educational experience to help students build a wide variety of skills for educational and life-long success. Both Centerpoint School and CP Stepping Stones are overseen by a collaborative of three agencies: Howard Center, Northeast Family Institute (NFI), and Matrix. For more information, visit the Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services web site at, or call 802.488.7711.

Child and Family Outpatient Services

Child and Family Outpatient Services provide individual, family, couples, group, and play therapy. We serve children, adolescents, families, parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Services are provided at our 1138 Pine Street site, in many Chittenden County schools, and at the Milton Family and Community Center. The outpatient team offers a comprehensive array of general mental health and specialty services.

Two specific programs which serve children with special emotional needs are Fire Wise Kids of Vermont and STAR Groups. Fire Wise Kids of Vermont offers specialty services for children and youth who misuse fire. STAR Groups (Sexual Trauma and Recovery) are specialty services for children ages 5-12 years and their caregivers. These children must be identified as sexually reactive, meaning they may have been sexually abused or exposed to sexually explicit information.

Chittenden Clinic

The Chittenden Clinic HUB provides outpatient pharmacotherapy (Methadone or Buprenorphine) and evidenced-based treatment to individuals who are affected by opioid addiction.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) and medically supervised withdrawal (MSW) are provided in addition to medical consultation. Treatment includes evidenced-based counseling, case management, education addressing co-occurring issues, HIV and Hepatitis education and testing, urinalysis screening, psychiatric assessment and referral, and medical evaluations and consultations. 

As the first HUB in the State of Vermont, the Chittenden Clinic coordinates services with programs and services located in Chittenden County and the Northwestern corridor of the state with the ultimate goal of providing a seamless transition of care for those on MAT. 

For more information, call 802.488.6464.

Clinical Services

Clinical Services include psychiatric, nursing, clinical direction for evaluations and after-hours consultation.

Community Friends Mentoring

Community Friends Mentoring supports area children by providing fun, caring mentoring relationships with adult volunteers. Mentoring pairs are carefully matched and then meet regularly to spend time together on their own in the community, sharing activities they both enjoy.

Comprehensive Care

Howard Center’s Comprehensive Care Programs provide 24/7, out-of-home care for children, as well as community-based services. The residential programs include short-term crisis stabilization and assessment, and family reunification. We also support children and their families within the community, in therapeutic foster homes or in their own homes. In most cases, they receive individual and family therapy, living skills support, and other services as needed. Referrals to the Crisis Stabilization, Short Term Assessment and Family Reunification Programs are made through the Local Interagency Team.

In addition, we operate the Woodside Transition House, a step-down program for young men leaving the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. Youth in this program receive support as they  transition into the community.

For more information about our Comprehensive Care Programs, please call 802.488.6726. Referrals for community-based services can be made by calling Angela Vogel at 802.488.6760.


CRASH Drinking Driver Assessments and Schools provide the screening process and referral following license suspension resulting from a drinking and driving conviction. For more information about the CRASH Program, call 802.488.6151.

Crisis Stabilization Beds

Crisis Stabilization Beds provide short-term, out-of-home care in a staff secured setting. The Crisis Stabilization Program provides treatment, acute psychiatric assessment, and medication management services for eligible youth. Referrals to the program need to be made through your local crisis team.



DETER helps keep young women out of the juvenile justice system. Through integrated treatment and services, participants are encouraged to address mental health issues relating to substance abuse and trauma, while establishing community connections and building natural supports.

Drug Treatment Court

Drug Treatment Court is a four-part program for adults who have pled guilty to one or more non-violent, drug-related offenses and who are having or have previously had difficulty staying clean and sober.

Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services offers mental health services for families with children ages 6 and under. Services include in-home parenting support, supportive counseling for children and adult family members, advocacy and case management, and behavioral consultation and support in a range of settings, including childcare, preschool, and Headstart classrooms.

Early Connections is an interactive program for mothers with children birth to age three. The program is located at the O'Brien Center in Winooski. Mothers and children take part in a nine-month program that follows the Winooski school calendar and includes a variety of support services, including staffed playgroup experiencess, parent education opportunities, and home visits with a mental health clinician. for questions or more information, contact 802-488-6676.

A special early childhood program is The Winooski Family Center, a collaborative with the Winooski School District and the Winooski Housing Authority. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for families with children, birth through school-age, to play, learn, and grow together. Pre-school classes are offered on site.


Eldercare offers in-home and office-based support to older adults who are experiencing depression or other mental health issues. Eldercare counselors meet with adults to address mental health concerns and to make referrals to other programs and services as necessary.

Family Advisory Council

Community Advisory Group for CYFS.

Family and Community Programs

Family and Community Programs include an array of programs which help children with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. The specific types of services may include respite for families of children and adolescents with significant mental health issues; identification of needed resources and support; or intensive, time-limited intervention for families in which a child is at risk of removal from the home for reasons of abuse, neglect, or serious emotional disturbance. Specific services may include crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, parenting skills education, and case coordination and vary in intensity depending on the family’s needs.

Family Support

Family Support offers individualized support services, such as respite, case management and shared parenting options for families. DS Employment, Community Support, and Education

Fay Honey Knopp School (Rutland)

Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School is part of the comprehensive Park Street treatment program for adolescent males with sexual harming behaviors. The school provides a supportive and safe educational environment that enables each student to reach his potential.

First Call

First Call provides a phone or face-to-face response to children and families in crisis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The definition of crisis is determined by the caller. First Call links families with other needed resources within Howard Center and the larger community. First Call can directly arrange crisis respite services. First Call is the designated mental health screener for Chittenden County and when appropriate will screen children for hospital diversion services or psychiatric hospitalization.

First Call 24/7 Crisis Line
Phone: 802-488-7777

First Call Youth Yellow Pages
An online guide to area resources for children and adults. 

Flexible Family Funding Program

The Flexible Family Funding Program provides limited funding to assist families with respite and other supports relevant to caring for their child and family.

Foster Care

The Enhanced Family Treatment program provides therapeutic foster care for children and youth who have significant mental health needs. Therapeutic foster care is a planned and time limited supported living arrangement for children whose parent(s) and/or caregivers need additional support outside of the home environment.

Howard Center Training Series

Continuing the decades-long tradition of our Addictions Academy, Howard Center is proud to offer a brand-new series of training workshops. This year's series focuses on mental  health and substance abuse issues. Based on in-put from clinicians and supervisors, we've designed our workshops to incorporate the most up-to-date informaiton available to enhance your clinical practice. Drawing on years of experience in the field, our instructors will teach the biological, psychological, social, and ethical aspects of mental health and substance use disorders treatment, along with practical clinical skills that are sure to be of valuable use in your own practice. Please join us for what should prove to be a series of interesting and illuminating seminars.

View the 2015-2016 Howard Center Training Series Schedule with workshop descriptions.



INCLUSION provides intensive, individualized support to children in grades K-12 with serious emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges. Services include the development and management of all aspects of the behavioral and therapeutic elements of a student’s educational program, family treatment, and summer services. Please call Intake at 802.488.6600 for more information.

Individualized Community Support Programs

Individualized Community Support Programs include an array of options for people and are based on their specific support needs and interests.

Jean Garvin School

Jean Garvin School provides a therapeutic educational program offering unique learning opportunities to inspire personal change and well-being for adolescents, ages 12-18 years, grades 7-12. Services include intensive special education, therapeutic behavioral intervention and treatment, psychiatric/psychological consultation, pro-social skills training, and family work.

View the 2015-2016 Jean Garvin School Calendar.

 For more information, please call 802.488.6767.

JOBS Program

The JOBS Program provides comprehensive case management and employment support for adolescents and young adults (ages 16-21 years) experiencing mental health issues. The program focuses on assisting youth in finding and maintaining jobs and developing independent living skills in order to live successfully in the community. JOBS is a collaboration with Spectrum Youth and Family Services and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is a program for adults who are having difficulty with issues related to severe and persistent mental illness and who have been charged with one or more criminal offenses. It is an effort between the District Court, State’s Attorney's Office, Public Defender’s Office, and Howard Center. The program involves frequent court appearances, active participation by clients in their treatment plan, and random drug testing, if necessary. 

MH Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Team is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week program. It provides immediate response to requests from Chittenden County residents, 18 and older, and their support systems. Any person who is concerned about a mental health issue may call the Crisis Hotline for a consultation with a mental health professional. For more information, please call 802.488.6400.

Mobile Crisis Team

Mobile Crisis Team is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week program. It provides immediate response to requests from Chittenden County residents, 18 and older, and their support systems. Any person who is concerned about a mental health issue may call the Crisis Hotline for a consultation with a mental health professional. For more information, please call 802.488.6400.


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a supportive home for women returning from prison. Residents continue under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, and the goal is to assist each woman to build a safe, healthy, and productive life in the community. 

On-Call Services

On-call services are available after-hours to support individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Onion River Day Program

Onion River Day Program provides community support to adults who require significant medical support to access their community. 

Outdoor Adventure Program

The Outdoor Adventure Program is an inclusive camp experience for individuals ages 7-21 with developmental delays.

Park Street Program

Through our therapeutic, trauma-informed milieu, Park Street provides a 90-day assessment to determine treatment needs, including long-term treatment, skill building and transitional services.

A wide continuum of services are offered, including formal evaluations, risk assessments, individual and family therapy, group counseling (Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Sex Education, Life Skills, Social Skills etc), psychiatric consultation, case management, therapeutic recreation, community service, mental health and substance abuse treatment, health services, community reintegration (i.e. employment, community classes, recreational activities etc.), on-site educational programming, and around-the-clock crisis services. 

Clients are referred to the program through the youth’s local team of service providers with either the Department of Mental Health or the Department of Children and Families taking the lead in the process.

For more information, call 802.488.6775.

Peer Access Line (PAL)

The Peer Access Line (PAL) is a free, support helpline for people who use mental health services. The program is run by people who have used mental health services themselves. Because of their own experiences, they understand how distressing and isolating the experience of mental illness can be.
To speak with a staff person, Thursday through Sunday, 6:00-9:00 p.m., call the Peer Access Line at 802.321.2190.

Pine Street Counseling Services

Pine Street Counseling Services provides mental health and substance abuse outpatient and intensive outpatient counseling and therapy for adults. In addition, the program provides assessment and intervention, specialized trauma support services, and short- and long-term individual and group options. For more information, call 802.488.6100.

Project Hire

Project Hire is dedicated to providing supported employment services to individuals seeking competitive employment. For more information, call 802.488.6500.

Project MEND

Project MEND (Mentoring for a New Day) assists repeat male offenders within Chittenden County who have a co-occurring disorder of mental health and substance abuse. Participants are matched with a trained mentor who helps them address education, employment, and housing barriers, among others, as they work toward recovery and successful re-entry into society.

Public Inebriate Program

The St. Albans Public Inebriate Program (PIP) provides a safe and supervised environment for individuals who are incapacitated due to alcohol or other drugs until they can regain sobriety, usually overnight.

Residential Programs

Residential Programs are available for clients who need support to live independently. We provide a wide range of residential and housing options with varied levels of supervision and staffing, based on an individual's needs. Some programs have staff present 24/7, and others have staff support on a part-time basis.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is a place for clients of Developmental Services to attend classes and other opportunities to gain new skills, and enhance existing skills, to better access their community.

Find out what is going on at the Resource Center during the month of October 2015.



Safe Recovery

Safe Recovery provides practical health supports to people who are currently using heroin or other opioids and helps people transition from active drug use to long-term recovery. Services include syringe exchange, drug treatment options counseling, HIV and hepatitis C testing and referrals, hepatitis A and B vaccination, distribution of overdose rescue kits, corrections outreach, basic needs assistance, advocacy, and other recovery support services. All services are offered free of charge, and many can be accessed anonymously. 

Walk-ins are welcome or call (802) 488-6067 to make an appointment.


Safety Connection

Safety Connection uses home security technology and professional staff to support individuals who need occasional overnight assistance to live more independently.

School Consultation and Training

Howard Center offers mental health consultation and training aimed at helping schools address significant barriers to student learning and school performance. For more information, call 802.488.6679.

Shared Living Program

Shared Living Program is a residential program that allows adults with development disabilities to live with a person or people in a roommate situation to ensure that their needs are being met.

Smoking Cessation Lesson Plans

Smoking Cessation materials have been developed by Dr. Anthony Quintiliani, a Howard Center clinician who trains and supervises clinicians who lead smoking cessation workshops for clients. These materials are available to download for any practitioner who is leading smoking cessation groups.

St. Albans Outpatient Services

St. Albans Outpatient Services provides quality substance abuse counseling to Grand Isle and Franklin County residents. Programs include individual and group substance abuse counseling. Specific treatment options and intensity vary according to individual needs.


START (Stabilization, Treatment, and Recovery Team) is a community-based program, designed for individuals who are experiencing emotional distress and/or an increase in mental health symptoms. The program relies on face-to-face peer contact, and staff draw on their own experiences to connect with consumers. Staff work with clients in their homes or within the community to help them develop skills and receive the support necessary to maintain stability. For more information, or to learn about our referral process, please call 802-488-6424. 

Street Outreach Program

This team provides a range of outreach and support services for persons in and around the downtown Burlington business district.


SUCCEED is a collaboration with area colleges to provide comprehensive education, campus life, career development and student housing services to students with intellectual disabilities.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living provides housing arrangements for adults with intellectual disabilities so they may live independently while receiving the support they need to do so.

Westview House

Westview House is a psychosocial and recovery clubhouse located in Burlington serving adults (ages 18 years and older) in Chittenden County who have been diagnosed with a major mental illness.

Winooski Family Center

The Winooski Family Center is a non-profit organization which creates a safe and nurturing environment where families and children, birth to school age, can play, grow, and learn together, while meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse population.