Howard Center Provides Resources to Celebrate Sober

Howard Center sends our good wishes to all for your seasonal celebrations through these challenging times. Our hope is for everyone who is in recovery to celebrate their hard work while encouraging those still struggling with sobriety to reach out for the help they need. Howard Center offers resources and services to help you, your friends, and loved ones celebrate sober this year.

Tips for Celebrating Sober:

  • Plan Ahead:Identify potentially stressful situations ahead of time and be sure to follow all COVID-19 guidelines. Recognize that even some happy situations may cause someone to overindulge.
  • Plan activities that don’t involve alcohol or drugs:Choose to spend time with close family in the same household (if in a COVID-19 safe environment) who want to celebrate substance-free.
  • Take care of yourself:Be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise.
  • Plan an exit strategy: Understand your transportation options if you are away from your home and know where you’re staying so you can exit gracefully.
  • Find a supportive crew:It’s important to have people who know your story, and to know that you can talk to them if things get tough.

Looking for information? Visit our website for a list of resources; articles about substance use; and a listing of local, state, and national resources.

If you or a loved one need support during the holidays, our First Call for Chittenden County crisis hotline 802-488-7777 is available 24/7/365. Our Access and Intake main number 802-488-6000 is available Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. except on December 24 and 31. Help is here 24 hours a day, every day.